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I have used this man for several years and find him to be very helpful and able with all computer issues.
Diana James, Columbia,SC


Thanks for great service, Jim. My computer is running much faster and now I know how to keep it running faster!
Joe Hunt, Colorado Springs


Have been very pleased with Jim’s ability to either fix or find out how to fix, if it’s a new type of problem. He is very pleasant to work with and ties his schedule to your calender. I have recommended him to several associates and friends, and have never heard any negative comments.
Larry, C/S


I’ve had to call upon Jim several times. He was promt, professional and knowledgable. My pc was repaired at a fair and reasonalbe price. In addition, Jim kept in touch to ensure that things were going well. I would strongly recommend his services.
Rodney Jackson, Eastover, SC


Jim Wildman is such a blessing !!! Today I discovered a bad problem with my computer…. was told by some man from a different country that all my information was compromised. I had used Jim years back when he lived in Columbia to repair my big computer. I called him today and left a message on his phone as I was sure he was at work. He called me back and has spent the last 3 hours cleaning my computer and getting rid of all the junk that was on there. You can’t just trust anyone with your personal information. But you CAN trust Jim Wildman with your info and with quick service. Thank you Jim !!!!!
Jackie Evans, W. Columbiad SC


Jim is amazing! I needed one important document off of my laptop after my screen crashed. Jim came to my home an picked up my laptop for repair. I called him and expressed the importance of this document and Jim was so patient in finding the one document I needed off of my hard drive and emailed it to me! Talk about customer service, I will always use Jim for my PC needs, he\’s fast, affordable and just an all around great guy. Thank you, Jim, you are a lifesaver!
Stephanie Johnson, Colorado Springs, CO


“Jim not only is a delight to work with, he is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. He is punctual and reliable. I certainly would not hesitate to use him any time for my computer problems.”
Coe Hankinson, Executive Broker


Jim Wildman was always my go to guy for any computer problems that I was having. So, recently, when having some major problems, I gave him a call. Imagine my surprise when he informed me that he had moved 1600 miles away and I was talking to him in Colorado! He sounded like he was right down the street. He told me that he could probably repair my computer from out there! I was skeptical at first but it worked. We arranged to get together on the phone at an appointed time. He went to work and told me what to do on my end and pretty soon that little arrow was jumping around all over the acreen as he guided my computer and fixed it!! To me it was a miracle. Not only is Jim highly trained and a genius at what he does, his life and how he lives it truly elevates the mundane repair to a spiritual experience. He is totally trustworthy to come into one’s home. In South Carolina we even left him to do the repair and lock the door when he was finished. I know that his computer skills are top of the line and I highly recommend him.
Lillian Hensel Johnson, Columbia, S.C.


06 August 2014 My computer was running slow and not operating properly. I didn’t know what the problem was as I am not technically knowledgeable about computers. So, through my brother, I got in contact with Jim Wildman who assisted me in removing unused/unwanted programs, icons, and viruses, as well as, updating my system security. My computer is now operating so much more efficiently and it is all due to Jim expertise. Jim was very helpful, patient, and kind. I would recommend him to anyone experiencing computer problems.
Jannette W., Moncks Corner, SC


Jim has been helping me with computer issues for nearly 10 years now, and I cannot say enough good things about him and the quality of his work. We have worked through everything from lightening strikes to hard drive crashes, to various and sundry infections. Over the years, Jim has kept my computer system functional and has been super reasonable in his service pricing. He has also been very quick to respond to any problems I have had; he just gets the job done, and done well. Thanks, Jim.
Michael Rowls, Columbia, SC


Jim has been my computer guy for over 2 years now, and not only does he come to my home to repair it, but he can even repair it remotely. I would be lost without his knowledge and expertise! I highly recommend him!
Kelly Ade, Colorado Springs, CO


Jim got my computer back up after hard drive crashed and was able to retrieve IRS data which was very important. He went out of his way to see that we got up and running. Thanks Jim
Alan Moore, Colorado Springs CO


Jim diagnosed the problems with my computer, helped me understand them, and taught me how to avoid them in the future. He was very professional and such a pleasant person to be around! I would recommend him highly to anyone!
Helen Cozzie, Widefield, CO


My PC was attacked by several viruses,that’s when I contacted Jim for repairs. Not only did he clear the viruses the PC is working better now than ever, and faster.Jim also set up the PC with a great maintenance schedule.Very professional.Thanks Jim – God bless.
Mike C. Smith, Falcon, Colorado


Great communication & service. I hate to see Jim leave the Columbia area, but I wish him all the best in Colorado Springs. Thanks, Jim, for all your help. Bill……
Bill Mixson, Columbia, S.C.


Jim has been to my house twice now to help me fix some problems. He is a super guy and and we find him knowledgeable with quick fixes. My computers run great after Jim fixes them and STAYS fixed! Response is very quick, also. Recommend Jim highly
Lynda Myers, Black Forest, CO


Jim is FANTASTIC! I used him in person in SC and now from CO and his expertise is invaluable to me in my home based business consulting for telecom. I depend on him for all my computer needs and I plan to use his services as long as I am in business.
Joseph Upton, Newberry, SC


“I have been a customer of Jim’s computer services for several years, and I have found him to be exceptionally reliable, technically competent, and very conscientious and fair. I can heartily recommend his services.”
G. Sineath, Columbia S.C.


From the moment I hired Jim to work on my computer he not only diagnosed and found the problem with my old PC, but when he found I needed to purchase another computer he went out and purchased it for me, set it up, transferred my files, installed antivirus programs and tutored me to help me understand the new features on Windows 8. He followed through with everything he promised to do, and I would recommend him to anyone in need of help with their computer.
John Hawk


I picked Jim out of the phone book at random. I am glad I did. He came out and picked up my Laptop on a Saturday and had it back Monday.Just like he said he would.I had accidentally shut it down when I was restoring it to a earlier date. I tried to re-boot it and it wound not. I had several files on it I really needed. He repaired it and works just like new. I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks Jim!
Haroold Canaday, El Paso County


I reall appreciate the work that Jim has done to keep my computer up and running. I also think that he is a wonderful person Dan
Dan ODonnell


I completely trust Jim’s knowledge and experience and prefer to do business with him when possible rather than obtain local support. He is not only knowledgeable, but considerate in his work, making it as easy and understandable for the user as possible. I am always pleased with his work.
Barbara, Columbia, South Carolina


Jim helps keep my computer free of adware, viruses, and other garbage, and help keep things running well. It’s well worth paying him for the help!
Carl Eklunnd, Colorado Springs


Jim has been taking care of our computers and many problems that have come up. He has taught me many things as far as running it. Two words that come to mind with Jim and his services are knowledge and trust. It means a lot to be able to trust someone to have complete control of your computer and the knowledge to repair and maintain it. Thanks again Jim, and look forward to many more years of service.
carol lovece, columbia, sc


I have had Jim do repairs on our computers several times. He is polite, on time, and reasonably priced. Thank you, Jim
Pat Barnes, CS.


It was Saturday morning. I received a virus or something that locked up my computer. I called Jim and he took me thru a few steps, he took control of my computer and he fixed it. Jim knows what he is doing and is a very patient man. I would recommed him to anybody that needs help. I call him my personal computer tech.
D. McDaniel, West Columbia, SC


I am writing to say how grateful we are for you, and your expertise as well as your customer service! You worked on our computer until the issues were resolved, and because it was mulit-layered, most people would have given up, but you took it as a challenge and solved it, and we are so happy to have a fully working computer again with faster speeds than I have seen in a very long time! Jim, we thank you very much, and will be happy to recommend you to anyone who asks!
Daniel and Tracy Amstutz, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Jim is very Knowledgeable, efficient on any type of computer. He is extraordinary!
Harry, Columbia SC


I had an old Windows XP computer, so thought it was time to get a new set up. That being done and having all the connections made to this new computer, able to get to the internet, that was it. That is as far as my computer knowledge goes, so Jim to the rescue. He remotely tweeked my system, made the Windows 8 more user friendly and showed me how to take care of some daily business. Thank you Jim for you expert help. Emily Bird – Columbia, Mo
Emily Bird, Columbia, Mo.


On two occasions I have gotten Jim to resolve problems with my computer. Frankly, I would never think of using anyone else. When it comes to dealing with my computer issues I trust Jim totally. He is always honest, efficient and knowledgable, plus his services are reasonably priced. Simply put, it is a pleasure to do business with Jim. He has been a real blessing for me. I treasure his expertise and his friendship, and highly recommend him for solving computer issues. Gene Kernaghan Macon, GA
Gene Kernaghan, Macon, GA


“I highly recommend In-House PC repair for all of your PC needs. I have used him on numerous occasions. Jim is courteous, professional, friendly,honest and has a vast working knowledge of computers, plus he comes to my home. He has always been on time. Not only has he done a superb job of fixing my computers, he always installs and runs a virus scan program for free that ensures there are no viruses causing any problems. Also during his visit he checks for any problems that may slow down my computer. I have found Jim’s in-house PC repair to be very cost effective when you consider everything you are getting.”
C. Thornton, SFC retired U.S. Army


My computer was a total mess, it was running very slow, had tons of stuff on it that was unnecessary. It would not hold an internet connection at all, half the time it would not even recognize wifi spots including my own. Jim cleaned up my computer, tried lots of different things and even called my internet provider for me to see if the trouble was at their end. My computer is running fantastic as good as when I first got it, my internet is instant…I am a happy camper…Oh Jim also got my printer set up. Since I moved here from Michigan I have not been able to get it to print anything I send it whether it was plugged in or wireless. Jim uninstalled it and started over and voila it works like a champ. Not having a working computer and no access to the internet or at best sporadic usage was very frustrating to say the least. I am totally pleased, Jim is very professional, committed and his work is tiptop.
Georgia Boudreau, Colorado Springs


Jim is always dependable. He always gets my computer to working faster. Thank you Jim!
Betty Carr, Elgin SC


I need my computer to operate fast and accurately for my business. When it doesn’t I can lose space and experience delays for my clients in getting what they want, when they want it! Jim came to my rescue. He was prompt, detailed and even gave me some tips on how to avoid future delays. Thanks Jim! You are a blessing and I’ll recommend you in a heartbeat.
Cris Goodman, Love to Travel, Colorado Springs


Count us in on the raves and praises and thanks for Jim Wildman, the person I call the little magic man inside my computer. He has helped us with our computers since his Columbia years when he came to our house, but recently, he has worked his wonders from Colorado, upgrading our old operating systems to Windows 7. He is prompt to answer emails or phone calls to help us with the most trivial problem. Aside from his expertise, he is a gentleman, a thoroughly nice person, with a sense of humor to boot. We certainly recommend him.
Diane T. Smith, Columbia SC