I will run a thorough diagnosis on your computer to identify any and all problems that need to be addressed during the manual cleanup process.

Virus Removal

I will eliminate all viruses. Then I will install a Free Antivirus program that will automatically keep viruses off your computer without constantly slowing down your system and using up valuable resources.

Spyware Removal

Spyware is software that usually gets downloaded along with free downloads. It is designed to collect small pieces of information about you. I will eliminate any software that is known to release spyware into your system.

Adware Removal

Adware automatically downloads and displays unwanted advertising on your computer. I will eliminate this during my manual cleanup.

Malicious Software Removal

Malicious Software is any program that was never installed but installs itself, then comes up and starts running right in the middle of what you are doing. If you close it, it will pop right back up and eventually take over your computer. I will eliminate this and show you how to keep it off.

Data Backup

I will tutor you on the proper and most reliable method of backing up your data.


One of the reasons your computer may be running slowly is the need for a memory, or hard drive upgrade. Also, If your computer is 7 years old or older, it could be running slowly because it has “arthritis.” I can recommend what to look for in a new computer and transfer your important data to it. Then I will setup your new computer for optimal efficiency.

Wireless Networking

A wireless network allows more than one computer to access the Internet. It is also needed for wireless printing. I can setup a wireless network in your home and secure it from hackers.


Although my clients’ main goal is to have their computers repaired, sometimes they also ask me questions while I’m doing the repairs, and I find myself tutoring them. As a result, the more they know about their computer, the less likely they will have to call me in the near future for a repeat visit.

Preventive Maintenance

When all the repairs are completed, I teach my clients how to maintain their system on a daily and weekly basis. Sometimes they take notes. After I’ve left the home or small business, they can still contact me with questions and/or concerns. I also provide a monthly PC Tip via E-mail and my Blog.

…And Other Core Services